Growing Plants at Home has Never Been Easier


Have you struggled with maintaining plants in your home? You’re not the only one.

Here are the problems: soil gets everywhere, plants can’t survive long winters, and they take up way too much room. Not to mention how high maintenance they can be.


I recently moved into an apartment, so I transplanted all of my garden plants into pots. My sage, thyme, lemon balm, basil, and rosemary are not very happy. Once large and vibrantly colored, they’re now shriveling and turning brown. Even in a New York summer, they are all struggling.

I used to ask friends and family what to do about my plants. And I usually got a similar response: Why don’t you just get plants that you can’t kill? Ya know, like bamboo or succulents.


But I wanted my herbs. I like how they smell and how they taste. I like being able to make teas, drinks, perfumes, and air fresheners.

Íko Systems has the solution. We’re designing a smart, micro-greenhouse for the modern home. It’s called Okavango, and it’s the easiest way to grow perfect, flavorful herbs. All you do is insert our pre-seeded and nutrient infused pods into the system, add water, and the rest is taken care of.

You’re probably wondering what makes Okavango “smart.” Well, it’s wifi enabled and app integrated, which caters to you as an individual. Natural lighting algorithms and vacation-mode watering ensure a pleasant user experience.

The app also allows you to simulate a fertile climate inside of your system by creating a micro environment for your plants. So if you want your plants to grow as if they were in Cape Town or Tuscany, we’ve got you covered.


And the best part? It’s all done in the comfort of your own home, even in the winter, and even in a New York apartment.

With a unique hydroponic system, Okavango self-waters in increments and uses only what is necessary. It’s sustainable and mess free: it’s almost hard to believe that precision agriculture could be so easy.

Santiago Alegria1 Comment