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beta test Okavango by Íko

Okavango by Íko Systems is a smart, tabletop micro greenhouse. It enables you to effortlessly grow high quality, culinary herbs in your home, even when it's snowing outside.

Okavango Beta units are our first professionally manufactured systems. 

Beta testing is a process in which 35 testers will be shipped our Beta units, test them in their homes for about two months, and provide us with feedback. 

Of course you will receive a commercial version when we launch at no extra charge! 


Okavango is designed to inspire your creativity, cooking, and healthy lifestyle.

designed with meaning

Okavango is a countertop hydroponic system for the sustainably-minded foodie. It is designed to fit into your home and engineered to grow perfect, high quality herbs. 

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Okavango is not yet commercially available. We are, however, looking for Beta testers. We also are taking early bird pre orders, as we plan to commercially launch in Sept 2019.



Pods: Insert organic, pre seeded, and nutrient infused grow pods. 

App: Choose a climate for your plants to grow. The app will let you know when to water, trim, and harvest.

Inspiration: Experiment with new flavors and herb uses. Search the app for meal inspiration and recipes.



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