Organic design

Are you Interested in working with a dynamic startup? 


We're looking for some new team members who are interested in: 

  • Product/Graphic Design

  • App Development

  • IOT

  • Plants/Agriculture

  • Hydroponics


Join OUR Íko Community & never stop learning:


We want every member of our Íko.System to be their best self. Working with Íko, you will have the opportunity to dabble in whatever you chose. With broad activities forming the basis of what we do, you will be able to learn about hardware, software, botany, web design, product design, and so much more.


Cornell Student? Get Credits, lots of them

Working with us Spring 2018 you may be eligible for tons of credits. Email CEO Michael Eaton for more details.


Apply to

Íko systems 

Anyone is welcome to apply. Applications are rolling. 

We are more interested in aptitude & passion than experience. 

Contact CEO Michael Eaton with any questions.