Simplicity in Design


“Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.” That’s a quote from Paul Rand, American modernist and art designer most known for his logo designs for companies like ABC, IBM, and UPS. He describes art as an experience, a concept that we’ve been in line with through Íko Systems.

empty frame.png

Initially, we envisioned a large system, one the size of a fridge that will grow all of your greens. Now, we want to cater to those who really crave high-quality herbs, exotic herbs, and herbs that cannot be sourced elsewhere. These people care about quality over quantity, and that’s why we’ve refined our focus.

We have meticulously designed our first system to allow you to grow 6-8 plants with simplicity in mind. The thin frame displays the plants as art, and the user connection actually brings the plants to life. Through computer-aided composition, fastidious planning, and experienced woodworking, the result is aesthetically pleasing. Creating a device that is suited to your desires is of utmost importance, while simultaneously growing high-quality, flavorful herbs that would be unimaginable otherwise.


Íko’s systems are compact enough to fit into your home, more similar to the size of other appliances like microwaves or toasters. The lights in the system draw attention to the plants, but in a more subtle way than bright blue or red lights filling the room. Design versatility allows you to place your system anywhere in a room, even in the center, and is beautiful from all angles. At the center of the room, your Íko will be a compelling conversation starter as a work of art. This way, while having a relatively small footprint, your system can have a big presence in your home.

The simplicity of design has actually made it difficult for us to explain how much is going on inside of the system. As opposed to just growing plants by a window, our systems mimic the natural environment and use the optimal conditions for herbs to grow not only quickly, but also full of flavor.


With simplicity in mind, the vents for air flow, wood for borders, holes for sensors, and glass for a cover are all used to generate a smooth interaction with the product, and enable you to grow effortlessly.

But the real value Íko will bring is not all about features, but rather the experience that will be created around the product. So we aspire to encourage more spontaneous cooking, ignite the desire to try new recipes, and cultivate a newfound appreciation for functional design.