Rebrand and Logo Release


For those of you who have been following our progress since the Petal days, you know that our brand has significantly evolved over the past year. This summer alone, we’ve undergone an intense rebrand for Íko. This began with defining our values, and getting in touch with what we really care about, both as individuals and as a company. We express our values through every interaction with our customers, from advertisements to logo to colors, as well as the physical product and the app experience. So we wanted to share this process with you.

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Our ethos underpins everything we do here at Íko Systems, so we realized that it would only make sense to actively convey our ethos through branding. In just two sentences, we can express Íko's core values:


Íko Systems embraces technology as a force to enable human interaction, creativity, and healthy living. Our first product, Okavango by Íko, couples tasteful design with precision botany as a means to inspire you.



We went through hundreds of logo ideas during the summer alone. Elijah's notebook, July 2018

We went through hundreds of logo ideas during the summer alone. Elijah's notebook, July 2018

Our first Íko logo was made of geometric shapes, and had a strong focus on the minimal and the abstract. Since then, we’ve moved away from pure abstraction, while incorporating inspiration from our southern African designs.

Michael Eaton, our CEO, was born and raised in Botswana, and founded the company after his first winter in New York. He was unable to grow herbs and greens, and realized others could benefit from a solution. It only made sense to implement this story into our brand.

When we came upon this logo, we knew it was the one.

When we came upon this logo, we knew it was the one.


Our new logo was designed by Elijah N'Kai, our Creative Guru, and is comprised of 2 lines and a circle. It’s an ambiguous ecosystem. We wanted to incorporate the play on words with our name, Íko Systems, without being too literal. The new logo is dynamic and versatile, lending itself to different colors and textures.

Certain colors remind individuals of different parts of the world, and the textures of the middle portion may take on various forms. For example, it could appear to be a river, or a mountain range, or sand hitting an ocean.

In its most basic form, our new logo is a palette for experimentation, exploration, and creativity. And that’s what Íko aims to inspire.

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Íko’s long term vision is to solve food problems using the latest technology, precision botany, and elegant design. We’re starting small, with an in home micro greenhouse, bringing the garden directly in your hands and eliminating the supply chain.

Using less energy than a single light bulb, we aim to make sustainability sexy, in a way that fits the aesthetic of your home.

Wrap Up

Our values have established the foundation for Íko Systems, and we aim to put forth a brand that inspires the user. Let us know what you think!