Meet the Team: Software


Íko Systems is designing climate controlled micro greenhouses, or as we like to say, designer plant machines. These systems optimize the plant’s growing conditions, while providing a seamless user experience. Creating this elegant and smart herb garden requires a wifi connection and the ability to monitor how the plants are doing. While it may look like we are a hardware startup, we are just as much a software one. A major part of the user experience lies in the code behind the product, as well as in the app.

A subgroup of Íko’s software team focuses on the app. The app is designed to embody our brand, and with our ideal of inspiring the user. Our app subteam is led by Santi Alegria, one of Íko’s co-founders. He’s from Cali, Colombia, and he just graduated with a major in independent engineering from Cornell University. Santi manages the backend software, which refers to the thing that the user can’t see, such as communications between the app and the computer in the system. Here are a few sneak peek images of what our app is looking like so far!


Allie Shuldman is another member of Íko’s app team. Allie is from Westport, Connecticut, and is a rising junior studying computer science at Cornell. Her role for the past few weeks has been to make the Íko app functional for our first four Alpha Testers. Her focus now has been to implement feedback we’ve received about the app and expand the app’s capabilities, including visual information about your specific herb garden, as well as ideas about how to use the herbs you’ve grown.

She is also a member of the firmware team. She is developing a data visualization tool that will store, track, and display historical data from the system on the cloud in real time.


Another subteam of Íko’s software team focuses on firmware, which refers to the software that is installed into the physical memory chip on the hardware. Jason Ben Nathan, our Product Lead, manages the firmware team. See Meet the Team: Hardware to read more about what he does. Jaiveer Singh was an original member of the team, and he developed the foundation for the climate control code.

Rahul Desai is another team member who works partially with the software, but more so at the intersection of software and hardware. He’s from Mumbai, India, and he studied ECE as an undergraduate, and now he’s also studying for his masters in ECE at Cornell University. He specializes in embedded systems and computer architecture. Rahul has been working with the microcontrollers for Íko. He’s been separating the brains of the system into two separate parts: one for communication with the internet, and one for the fans and other components in the system itself.

Aside from being Íko’s nicest subteam (officially), our software squad is a group of hard workers that we’re lucky to have. They truly understand the importance of a smooth user experience in the development of our user focused plant machines.