Meet the Team: Hardware


Like any complex machine, Íko, a team of thirteen members, is divided into subsystems. Each are responsible for completing distinct tasks. From software to hardware, marketing to botany, Íko is a diverse team with varied interests and expertise. This week, we’ll focus on a fundamental subsystem of a consumer product company: the hardware team.


With three team members entirely dedicated to hardware, the current goal is to create more Alpha units, which are fully functional prototypes of our first product, Íko One. Features of these prototypes include climate control, adjustable lighting and connection with the Íko App. We already have created several working prototypes that are designed for functionality, and now the focus is to manufacture at scale whilst still prototyping in order to hit deadlines and get to market quickly. This balancing act has been a performance, and requires team members to multitask whilst keeping one of theirs heads up and the other down. Quite a feat.


Sivan Sud, a Cornell senior from Greenwich, Connecticut, is obtaining his Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business. As the Head of Hardware (or Hard Head), Sivan is devoted to harmonizing form and function through simplistic design. In the summer of 2017, he was in charge of everything hardware-related, from electrics to rapid-prototyping. Since then, the team has expanded, which has enabled him to focus more on designing for manufacture and building connections for production at scale. The reproductive subsystem.


Erik Johnson, from Incline Village, Nevada, is also earning a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell with a focus in product design. On the team, he has taken on organization of the assembly of the Alpha One units, the skeletal subsystem, and has been preparing them for testing. As we are building a product that synthesizes wireless technology, heating, and food safety, Erik is looking into various ways to ensure that product certification, like UL and FCC, of Íko One will be as seamless as possible.


Jason Ben Nathan, from North Caldwell, New Jersey, graduated from Cornell in December with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His main focus in Íko is with the circuitry and electrics, the nervous subsystem of Íko One. Jason designs PCBs (printed circuit boards) for connecting all of the electrical components in the system, and he works on control systems (the way the software communicates with the hardware/respiratory subsystem). But more on this in a future post.


The next step for hardware is giving out the products to Alpha Testers, starting in March. These selected individuals will try it out and provide us with regular feedback. In the same way that our system uses feedback loops for climate control, we will be using feedback loops to improve the future versions of our first product through rapid evidence based iteration.

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