Okavango Beta Unit

Okavango Beta Unit

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Okavango by Íko Systems is a smart, tabletop micro greenhouse. It enables you to effortlessly grow high quality, culinary herbs in your home, no matter where you live and no matter what season it is.

Beta Testers will receive and test our Beta product and provide us with feedback. Must be located in or around the Tri-State area, Boston, or Ithaca. Beta testers must have a smartphone. Testing will be a 2 month process beginning in December 2018. When testing is finished, you will return your Beta unit and receive a finalized Okavango by Íko unit. Read more product features and specifications below.

Beta Test!


App integrated: Receive notifications about when to water your plants, and suggestions about meals to cook with your herbs. 

WiFi enabled: Smart home devices in better cater to your needs as an individual. Okavango by Íko is technology-driven to create a seamless user experience.  

Organic pods: Compostable, pre seeded, and nutrient infused. Designed with sustainability in mind. Think Nespresso, but for plants.

Climate controlled: Grow your plants as if they were somewhere warm, unlike New York in the winter.

Lighting to mimic the sun: Perfect for your plants and your home.

Temperature and humidity sensors: Make sure the temperature is always perfect for your plants.

Automatic watering: We'll remind you when to water so your plants are never caught dry.