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How it all started

After moving from Botswana to Ithaca, Michael Eaton realized how much he missed having a garden with fresh herbs and greens readily available. As a junior mechanical engineer at Cornell University, he decided that he wanted to create something so he could grow culinary herbs in his home. Something that would overcome all seasonal and space constraints that made growing indoors so difficult. Realizing that others could benefit from such an innovation, he approached his friend Santi Alegria about his idea. And the company was born.


Íko One:Our first step


Íko One is the first of our systems: a smart herb garden designed to fit into your home and engineered to grow perfect, high quality herbs. 

Íko One's isolated environment allows full control of your herb's growing conditions. Combined with our unique hydroponic method, Íko One monitors humidity, light, and temperature to mimic optimal growing conditions of say, the Mediterranean. So your basil & parsley taste truly Tuscan.


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Cornell business review

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Planting the Seed for Petal with Michael Eaton ('18) and Santi Alegria ('18)



rev ithaca

Rev Hardware Accelerator Team Grows Food in Small Spaces




Michael Eaton (logistics)

Gaborone, Botswana

Mechanical Engineering, Cornell '18

     Hydroponics avoids getting soil lost in the beard



Santi Alegria (Customers)

Boston, USA

Independent Engineering, Cornell '18

Making sustainability sexy

Jaiveer Singh


Bhai Jaiveer Singh (Soft design)

Delhi, India

Computer Science & Economics, Cornell '18

Sees algorithms in the sky with diamonds


Ben Sword (Green design)

Boston, USA

Plant Science, Cornell '18

Withholding the secrets of human photosynthesis

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Lisa Condoluci (Media Design)

Long Island, USA

Biological Engineering, Cornell '19

Likes lubricate the social machine


Sivan Sud (hard design)

Greenwich, USA

Mechanical Engineering and Business, Cornell '18

Fluently translates designs to reality

Sivan Sud


Jamie Kim (Creative Design)

New York, USA

Hotel Administration, Cornell '19

A spoon full of sugar makes the granola go down